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№ п/п Programme/Fund name Cooperation areas Cooperation capacity Information sources
1 COST (European Co-operation in the field of Scientific and Technical Research) Development of network icooperation of scientists and researchers in the following directions: - photo-voltaic elements; - solar systems for buildings; - intellectual power supply systems, buildings with "zero" consumption Carrying out joint information actions of the international level, joint publications. Russian researches take part in the Fund as experts
2 UNIDO Projects in the field of energy efficient technologies, reduction of GHG emissions  Project under implementation: Market Transformation Programme on Energy Efficiency in GHG-intensive industries in Russia 
3 EBRD Attraction of investments for implementation of large scale projects in the field of energy and energy efficiency  Issues of loans and investments for OOO Rosseti, OAO Far Eastern distribution company 
4 UNDP Implementation of projects in energy efficiency 1) Standards and Labels for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Russia 
2) Transforming the Market for Efficient Lighting
3) Building energy efficiency in the North West of Russia
5 International Climate Initiative Funding for innovation projects and consulting service in the field of:
- energy efficiency;
- Energy efficiency standards; - reduction of GHG emissions.
Joint project implementation
6 International Partnership on Hydrogen Economy Rendering assistance to introduction on the market of hydrogen technologies and fuel elements. Carrying out the political actions directed on distribution of application of hydrogen technologies; Monitoring of development in the sphere of hydrogen technologies, fuel elements technologies. Joint project implementation
7 Global Bioenergy Partnership Support of national and regional projects in the field of bio energy policy and the market. Support of bioenergy projects. Stimulation of exchange of information, skills and technologies within bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Joint project implementation
8 Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum Rendering assistance to energy efficient technologies and reduction of CO2 emissions The feasibility study on opportunities of realization of technologies of catching of carbon dioxide in mines of Kuzbass. Carrying out joint information actions.
9 Horizon 2020 Joint projects on energy efficiency Negotiations on coordinated calls in the frameworks of FTP
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