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Horizon 2020
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Cooperation with foreign organisations
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Foreign partners proposals
Information Sources
Partner search services

For partner search it is recommended to use the available contact bases and information services on partner search:

1) Partner search Service of the information CORDIS portal is one of the largest databases containing the questionnaires completed with potential partners. It is possible to post a request for partner search at the Portal

2) Profiles database for Horizon 2020 participants.

3) Project database under the 7th framework programme. The information contains contacts of research supervisors.

4) C-Energy+ database. C-Energy+ is a network of national contact points on energy.

5) Cooperation with European organisations database Enterprise EuropeNetwork Cooperation OpportunitiesDatabase

6) Database of European network for support entrepreneurship (EEN). It is coordinated by the Project «Gate to RuBIN» from the Russian side.

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