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1 Ministry for Energy of the Russian Federation

Actions for development of the international cooperation in energy saving improving energy efficiency, including carrying out scientific researches and introduction of their results in practice within the State program of the Russian Federation "Energy efficiency and energy development" Energy dialogue   Russia –  EU.

Functioning of Constant Partnership Council  of Russia and EU.

Activities of theme groups for the most important questions of energy policy of Russia and European Union.

2 Ministry for Energy of Russia Coordination of cooperation in the field of improving energy efficiency and renewables. Expert representation in scientific and technical programs for improving energy efficiency. Creation of the bilateral centers of energy efficiency and innovations on a enabling implementation of projects.

Cooperation with the leading international government organizations.
3 Ministry for Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Implementation of joint projects withing FTP:

- carrying out researches within the international multilateral and bilateral cooperation;

- support of researches within cooperation with member states of the European Union;

- organization of participation in large international scientific and scientific and technical actions.
Joint committee Russia-EU on R&D cooperation. Thematic work groups on energy dialog. Consultancy on joint calls in the frameworks of Horizon 2020 and FTP http://минобрнауки.рф

4 Supporting Fund for Developing Small Enterprises in R&D area. Assistance to establishment of scientific and technological partnership, support to joining the international networks on a transfer of technologies and carrying out broker actions.

Support to joint international projects with participation of small Russian innovation companies.

International exchange IEI (France).

Broker events in cooperation with BMBF (Germany).

International Fora, exhibitions, workshops. Europe Network – EEN – «Gate to Russian Business Innovation Networks» (Gate2RuBin).
5 ITC Union of Russia

Support for participations of the Russian small and medium-sized enterprises in the European network.

Providing information on opportunities of business cooperation of the Russian and foreign organizations,  transfer of technologies and innovations.
Project coordinator «Gate to Russian Business Innovation Networks» (Gate2RuBIN)
6 Russian Foundation for Basic Research Establishment of direct connections with foreign and international funds and organizations, conclusion of agreements on scientific cooperation and joint financing of scientific projects.

Carrying out competitions on implementation of joint scientific projects.
Joint calls with 32 organisations from 25 countries. Joint projects. Project expertise.
7 Bioenergy Technology Platform Concept of development and Road map of implementation of the concept of domestic bio-energy, its integration with other branches of domestic and foreign economy, coordination and long-term planning of interaction  principles and methods.

Creation of mechanisms of the state, private and international support of scientific programs.

Stimulation of innovations, expansion of research and production cooperation.

Formations of new partnership.

Participation in   exchange of experience, transfer of technologies. Implementation of joint projects with foreign partners in the area of  biotechnologies.
8 Technology Platform "Small Distribution Energy" Development of the Road map for formation of market, institutional, scientific and technical and other conditions of development of the small-scale power distribution.

Capacity for cogeneration of electrical and heat energy; efficient use of energy in local energy systems; renewable energy sources; resource efficiency.
9 Technology Platform "Perspective Technologies of Renewable Energy"

Monitoring and analysis of the renewable power markets.

Coordination of developers of perspective technologies in the field of RES in interests and with participation of consumers of such technologies.

Search and bringing to a design stage of perspective projects in the field of creation and introduction of the capital equipment of renewable power, their joint realization and maintenance.

Stimulation of the state and private investments on carrying out scientific researches and development.

Assistance to a development of education and professional development in the field of RES.
International cooperation
10 Technology Platform "Environmentally friendly heat energy of high energy efficiency classes" Создание новых высокоэффективных экологически чистых технологий для производства электрической и тепловой энергии. Creation of new highly effective environmentally friendly technologies for production of electric and thermal energy.

Modernization of technologies and equipment for electricity generation and heat.

Development of "breakthrough" technologies for creation of power of the future.

Development of an effective control system on the basis of effective use of mechanisms of public-private partnership, use of effective forms of financing, use of scientific and technical capacity.

International cooperation
11 Technology Platform "Development of Russian LED Technologies" Creation at the modern level of branch on LED production.

Ensuring competitive world level of researches and development in the sphere of LED lighting.

Ensuring effective interaction of the leading Russian schools of sciences, production companies, budgetary and private venture investment funds for the accelerated development and deployment of new technologies and products of LED lighting.

Association of efforts of public authorities, scientific and production institutions for providing a technological, legal, financial, administrative and information basis of development of the LED industry.

Development of demand for LED technologies. 

International cooperation
Russian R&D organisations, interested in cooperation
12 Southwest State University Creation of energy saving information systems for distribution and use of energy.

Technologies of energy  effective production and transformation of energy.
Information monitoring systems and energy consumption management in buildings; cooperation with Sofia Technical University.

13 Ioffe Institute Collaborative projects:

- laser photoconverters;

- photo-electric modules for transformation of laser radiation without the concentrating optics.
Cooperation with Fraunhofer, solar energy institute, Madrid polytechnical university,

 Energy systems

14 Moscow Power Engineering Institute Implementation of joint projects in the area:

- schemes of highly effective steam-gas thermal power plants with system of simultaneous production of heat and cold with use of low-potential warmth;

- a control system and diagnostics of installations on base renewed power sources.

- the 10÷300 kW independent power stations on the basis of the microturbines working on an organic cycle of Renkin;
Cooperation with: NETZSCH Germany,

EHTEH Engeneering AS ; Lightex OYu; European community comission; Oxford Instruments NanoScience; «SCODA POWER s.r.o.
15 National University of Science and Technology MISiS Implementation of joint projects in the directions:

- development and creation cheap  magnetic electrical sensors on the basis of three-layer structures
Cooperation in the frameworks of the 7th Framework Programme Project  FP7-NMP-2009-EU-RUSSIA; cooperation with dmkGmbH (Germany)
16 Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University Pilot studies and mathematical modeling of processes in the camera of a multichamber for lightning protection of power lines. Cooperation with  INP Greifswald (Germany)
17 State Research Centre of the Russian Federation Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Thermonuclear Research

Implementation of joint projects:

- creation and use of detectors of ionizing radiation on a basis

of high bandgap semiconductor;

- creation the photovoltaic converters of ionizing radiation in electricity on a basis the of high bandgap semiconductors;

- R&Ds in the field of creation of synthetic diamond material for detectors of ionizing radiation of various type and the photovoltaic converters. 

18 High-temperature electrochemistry Institute Implementation of joint projects:

- creation and improving  overall performance of devices on solid oxide electrolytes;

- R&Ds in the field of  kinetics of electrode processes in solid oxide electrochemical devices by methods of an isotope exchange in situ and an electrochemical impedance;
Cooperation with:

-Juelich research center (Germany); 
- King’s College London

(Great Britain);
-SOFC Power (Italy);
-HEXIS (Switzerland),
-Twente Technical University (Holland),
-University of Thessaly,Volos, Greece
-Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes, Patras, Greece
19 Sechenov Chemical Physics Institute Joint projects in the field:

- flameless mixed gas burning in catalist free burner devices;

- new types of efficient reformers of hydrocarbon conversion into SYN gas;

- Hydrogen generation for fuel cells on a base of aluminum burning into water.
20 A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical chemistry and Electrochemistry RAS Cooperation in the field of development and creation of a portable adsorption station for methane evacuation -
21 The Institute for Physics of Microstructures of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPM RAS) Joint projects:

- R&Ds in the field of induced radiation sources on silicon base;

- research of the high-speed detector of electromagnetic radiation on the basis of crystal germanium;

- research of physics of nonequilibrium states in semiconductor environments.
Cooperation with:

- Berlin Technical University (Germany);

- Drezden Helmholz Center (Germany);

-  Berlin Crystallography Institute (Germany).

22 ZAO "New Carbon Materials and Technologies Institute"

Joint projects in the fields:

- development of energy saving solutions for building;

- development of composite materials for building.
Cooperation with  Itula Ou, Finland Technology University.
23 OOO "Termek" Joint projects in the fields:

- intensified heat transfer exchanger for heat supply systems;

- Cold accumulator for air conditioning systems.

24 OAO "Insilar-Invest" Joint projects in the field:

- season heat energy accumulation in ground;

- heat exchangers in geothermal heat pumps systems;

- Management of efficiency of ground heat exchangers.
Сотрудничество с организациями: Cooperation with:

- European Commission, TEMPUS и LUND university (Sweden),
- FORTUM (Finland) and UPONOR (Sweden),

25 OOO "Engineering Center for Ventilation and Air Conditioning "INVENT""

Joint projects in the fields:

- R&Ds in the field of energy efficient rotor bladed heat utilizer.

Cooperation with  Hidria (Slovenia).
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